Gracious Response to an Omission

Modern, blue-grey painted custom kitchen cabinetry

In 2020 we worked for David and Alisa Cohen to create a well-thought out and functional kitchen for their new contemporary style home. David, a consummate chef, knew exactly how he wanted his kitchen to work, with specific needs and items to incorporate into the contemporary design. PNW Bainbridge published an article on the construction project and featured photographs of the custom-built kitchen without reference to us. Recognizing the omission the magazine provided this gracious response in the following issue.

“David W. Cohen PNW Bainbridge magazine photographer and subject of the Mise en Place home feature (page 48), would like to acknowledge someone he forgot to mention during the interview but who played in integral role in the craftsmanship of the home. Hugh Montgomery, of Hugh Montgomery Woodworking, built the custom cabinetry. We, along with Cohen, are happy to acknowledge Montgomery’s superb work and artistry.” See the Article, “Mise en Place” pg. 48

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