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Introducing the Three85 Galleys

The Original and 4Drawer Three85 Galleys are a self contained galley that enables the transformation from a cargo van to an adventure van. For those interested in a well-designed modular galley, I’m pleased to offer these two choices as the first product of my cabinetry business’s new Coastal Mountain Vanworks branch. More products, including a fridge stand are also available.

All galleys are simple to install into your van with our flexible bracket and bolt system. You have the choice between 5 colors of laminate, and the galley can be ordered with or without several add-ons.

Scroll below to learn more about these two kitchen galley cabinets and read about CMVanworks and my van adventures in my news blog.

Inside a Sprinter van with bright orange cabinetry and a shiny black lab (dog)
Raven awaiting adventure.

Original Three85 Galley

38.5″w x 19.5″d x 34″h

Functional, Modular, Beautiful

The Original Three85 Galley has a layout that accommodates the essentials for making any van an adventure van – a sink with running water, a large cooking surface, several drawers for storage, and a portable potty pullout. 

All Galleys can bolt in and out of the van to remove it if needed or just to change position from the driver side (VW Cali layout) to passenger side.

Sprinter Van interior with Three85 Original Galley installed in the VW Cali position
Positioned on the Drivers Side of the van/ VW Cali Style

The galley cabinet is built with an extruded aluminum frame adding strength as well as durability. The aluminum framework protects the inset bamboo panels and laminate fronts from everyday bumps. The galley features a natural color bamboo countertop with an undermount sink. The space below the sink can house a simple water system with a switched water pump or it can be plumbed from your fixed water tank. Several features can be added or not included. Please contact us (on our new website) to discuss the options for customizing your galley.

4Drawer Three85 Galley

38.5″w x 17.5″d x 34.5″h

Functional, Modular, Beautiful

The layout of the 4Drawer Three85 Galley accommodates lots of storage. With its four drawers there is plenty of room for all your cooking essentials plus more. The top drawer is sized to store a popular brand of a single burner induction stove. Similar to the Original Galley, this unit has a sink with running water, a large cooking surface on a bamboo countertop and comes in several high pressure laminate colors. Please contact us (on our new website) to discuss the options for customizing your galley.

The 4 Drawer Three85 Galley is pictured here with the Fridge Stand and Lagun table mount.

Coastal Mountain Vanworks 4 drawer galley
Bright orange 4-drawer galley with large bottom drawer open

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