Converting a Sprinter Cargo Van to Adventure Van

Converted Sprinter with side door open showing galley and two smiling campers, blue skies and snowy trees in the background
Two young women in sleeping bags in a converted Sprinter cargo van
Snow cover Sprinter van, with skier ready to go

Professionally I have always needed a van for transporting products I build. My first van, a pre-owned 1979 Volkswagen camper, indoctrinated me into the value of a dual-purpose van with space to transport furniture and cabinets during the week and camp on the weekends. I subsequently had a Dodge Ram van for 18 years and in 2018 purchased a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. That’s when I revisited the idea of a dual-use work/recreation van. Unlike the VW, the Sprinter provided me a blank slate to custom design a purpose-built adventure van galley cabinet.  

Introducing my custom designed modular galley – Three85 Original Galley

I applied my craft, logic and interest to create the Three85 Original Galley – a removable galley that enables one vehicle to transform from cargo van to adventure van. Keep the hauling capability of a cargo van for practical tasks, and add the galley, supplies plus a few accessories and head out on a weekend or weeks long adventure. 

It’s a no brainer, a dual-purpose van is cost efficient and more sustainable than owning two vehicles.

Modular galley inside a woodworking shop

Coastal Mountain Vanworks – a new branch of HMW

To help others get the most of their practical work vans, I’ve added a new branch to my furniture and cabinetry business, Coastal Mountain Vanworks. The Three85 Original Galley is the first module, with more in the works. See more galley features and details.

Roadtrip Tested

My Sprinter van, with the Three85 Original Galley and other mods, has taken me and my family on many camping adventures – including a pandemic cross country trip to take my daughter to college, exploring the West Coast, and skiing in the Cascades. When I get home it’s so easy to convert back to a working van. 

Can you tell I’m having fun?

Hugh cooking using a camp stove inside a converted Sprinter cargo van
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