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Transform Your Cargo Van to Adventure Van

Inspired by the dual functionality of my old 1979 VW camper van, I transformed my current cargo van, a Mercedes Sprinter, to an adventure van. The Sprinter provided me a blank slate to design a purpose-built adventure van galley cabinet. Now I can easily switch from functional work van to camper van and back again.

I keep the hauling capability of my cargo van for work. And for adventure, I add the galley, supplies, a few accessories and hit the road.

Clearly, a dual-purpose van is cost efficient and more sustainable than owning two vehicles. 

Introducing the Three85 Original Galley

The Three85 Original Galley is a removable galley that enables the transformation from a cargo van to an adventure van. For those interested in a flexible use van or simply looking for a well-designed galley to add to their build, I’m pleased to offer it as the first product of my cabinetry business’s new Coastal Mountain Vanworks branch. More modules, including a fridge stand and four-drawer galley, are in the works.

My work Sprinter transformed to a camper van for a ski getaway. Read about my van mod adventures in my news blog.

Three85 Original Galley

38.5”w x 19.5”d x 34”h

Functional, Modular, Beautiful

The Three85 Original Galley has a layout that accommodates the essentials for making any van an adventure van – a sink with running water, a large cooking surface, several drawers for storage, and a portable potty pullout. 

The Three85 Galley bolts in and out of the van. Remove it all together or change position from driver side (VW Cali layout) to passenger side.

Sprinter Van interior with Three85 Original Galley installed in the VW Cali position

The galley cabinet is built with an extruded aluminum frame which adds strength as well as durability. The aluminum framework protects the inset bamboo panels and laminate fronts from everyday bumps. The galley features a natural color bamboo countertop with an undermount sink. The space below the sink can house a simple water system with a switched water pump or it can be plumbed from your fixed water tank. Several features can be added or not included. Please contact us to discuss the options for customizing your galley.

Modular galley inside a woodworking shop
Van galley sink with door open showing water tanks
Van interior with modular galley showing pullout porta potty
Modular van camping galley drawers pulled out

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